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Jiffy Bags for your delicate itemsJiffy Bags for your delicate items
If you're sending something a little delicate, you'll want to make sure it gets there in pristine condition. Practical, economical and safe, jiffy bags are very popular with Packet customers and it's easy to see why. With our great range of bags from Mail Lite white bags to gold Kraft bags with Air Capo bubble sealing, you'll get the protection your packages need to make it to their destination in great condition. These bags are available from our shop in a variety of different sizes, so you're sure to find something to suit almost any item you wish to send, and our fantastic prices and speedy delivery will ensure that it won't cost you much to get your mail there, on time and in tact. So check out our range of jiffy bags and protect your items with our great products.
Mail Lite White & Gold Bubble BagsMail Lite White & Gold Bubble Bags

- An economical practical and lightweight postal bag.
- Gold or White tough Kraft outer.
- Fully lined with AirCap barrier sealed mail lite bubble for superior protection.
- Self-seal strip on top flap saves time in a busy packing department/post room.
- High slip film for easy insertion.
- Easy to write on with excellent label adhesion.
- Available in eleven sizes.
Mail Bags to suit all needsMail Bags to suit all needs
Stocking a huge range of mail bags is something we at Packit Pride ourselves on, and you'll see from our range of bags that we have thought of every eventuality when it comes to the items you need to put in the post. From Standard coloured mail bags, or metallic finish, these bags will ensure your items stand up to the postal system and arrive in a great condition. Of course we can't help the British weather, so you may want to take a look into getting some of our Cast Polypropylene bags, which are water resistant and environmentally friendly. They're also lightweight, so you may save a little money in postage too. If you order in bulk, you'll certainly be saving money, as we offer to great discounts on bulk orders. Check out our full range of Mail Bags and place your order today!
Packaging doesn't have to be difficult with PackitPackaging doesn't have to be difficult with Packit
Packaging isn't as easy as it looks, and if you're wondering how best to pack your items for transit, then worry no more! At Packit we offer advice on packaging methods and provide all of the products you'll need to get your items packaged correctly. From drinks packaging to mailing bags, you'll find a huge range of products at affordable prices, and our discounts on bulk orders are outstanding. Don't forget, you can also pick up tape and pallet roll from us too! We offer a handy packing tips section on our site, and you'll be sure to get it right if you follow our advice. So why not check out our ranging of packaging products, and make your shipping a little easier.
Packaging supplies for businesses big and smallPackaging supplies for businesses big and small
When it comes to choosing packaging supplies for your business, you'll need a supplier that can give you everything you need. Thankfully, at Packit, we can provide a range of products to suit the size of your business, your budget and any other requirements. From items such as packaging tape, or scales, to pallet wrap and bubble wrap, you won't be short of choice when it comes to our range. If you're just starting out, and not sure how to properly package your items so that they arrive in good condition, then take a look at our packaging do's and don'ts in order to give you some guidance on what to do. You'll also find handy suggestions across our pages with what to put in which type of mailing bag or envelope, so you can make the best choice for you and your business.
Mailing Bags to make an impressionMailing Bags to make an impression
If you want to make a splash when your posting out advertising material, or if you're sending a present in the mail, then why not check out our range of metallic and coloured mailing bags. Protective and lightweight, they come in a range of colours that will certainly stand out once the postman delivers. Many companies sending out advertising material forget that the first impression is the envelope, and if you choose one of our affordable metallic or coloured mailing bags for your advertising material, you'll pique your customers' interest from the off. Why not take advantage of our wide range of colours and order some to suit your company branding. With discounts on bulk orders and great delivery, we're sure to be able to provide what you need.
Bubble wrap rolls for your vulnerable mailBubble wrap rolls for your vulnerable mail
Sending delicate items in the post is sometimes a little risky. That's why you need to make sure that all of your products are adequately protected. Wrapping your packages in many layers of protective packaging material can add a lot to your postage costs though. With bubble wrap you get the best of both world. Light, protective packaging that doesn't cost the earth. From jewellery to fine china, you can protect your goods with ease, and make sure that your delicate items get to their destination in the condition they were meant to. We offer both small and large bubble wrap so visit our online shop to check out our great prices. You can even play the bubble wrap game online! We all love to pop bubble wrap!
Bubble envelopes for your important itemsBubble envelopes for your important items
If you're sending out important proposal documents, brochures, or small items in the post then you don't need to use a box. That much is obvious. However, the range of envelopes out there is staggering, and you may well find it hard to choose between the different types. Packit stock some of the best quality envelopes for your important documents and items, from bubble envelopes to shiny metallic styles. In a huge range of sizes, you can put all of your legal, A4 size and smaller documents safely inside one of our great quality envelopes and rest assured they will get there in good condition. We can delivery most items quickly and through Royal Mail for free, so you'll enjoy our great prices without having to spend any extra on postage.
Padded Envelopes for your Auction goodsPadded Envelopes for your Auction goods
Whether you're an auction site seller, a large business or someone who likes to send packages to friends and family, padded envelopes are a great way to go. Perfect for items such as CDs or DVD's, they come in a huge range of different sizes to protect your items from damage and are really inexpensive too. As the staff at Packet like to help you make the right choice for your items, you'll find a handy list of suggested uses for each envelope, so that you know what best to use it for. With our automatically calculated bulk discounts on ordering, and special offers available regularly, you'll find great prices and great service combine when you order from us. Check out our range of padded envelopes today.

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