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Jiffy Bags

Jiffy Bags

Jiffy bags are one of the ultimate forms of packaging goods for mailing out there. They have become a household name for any padded envelope designed to protect fragile items in the post. Their qualities make them fit for purpose: they are lightweight, economical and practical for a range of uses. What aren’t jiffy bags suitable for? Well, they are not the best way of packaging a book. This is simply because the corners tend to get battered in any kind of soft envelope as they make their way to their destination. Nor are they a good idea for sending anything especially fragile, such as glass or china. Finally, it is better not to use them for particularly awkwardly shaped objects – a well-padded box would be ideal in these circumstances. But for CDs, DVDs and a whole range of other items, they are an idea packaging solution.

This is mainly because of their construction. Each envelope is fitted with an internal liner constructed of plastic. The plastic is made up of small bubbles of air which help to cushion your items and protect them from rough handling whilst in the process of being delivered. They’re also watertight, so will even survive the worst of the British weather! Rather than risk your customers being unhappy with the conditions their goods arrive in, it’s better to invest a little in a decent quality packaging to send your mail. In addition, the lightweight plastic and other materials used in their construction is guaranteed to reduce your shipping costs, as they will be less costly to post than items packaged in a sturdy box, for example.

It is still worth remembering, though, that postage will still be calculated by weight – because these mailing bags are suitable for such a variety of items, you may not have an accurate idea of how much each parcel will cost to post, unlike a standard letter. So if you are planning to calculate your postage at home, rather than weigh in at the Post Office, you need an accurate idea of the weight of each parcel to affix postage. Why not invest in a set of scales from our website? This way you will avoid the embarrassment of sending parcels with too little postage, meaning that the buyer has to pay a supplement. You will also be able to select the most appropriate size bag to send your items – all the envelopes we sell have a recommended maximum weight clearly marked on our website. And finally, you could even save yourself money in the long run by affixing the right postage in the first place, rather than guessing too much.

When it comes to jiffy bags, there are various brands available. While all share some common characteristics, there is often a big difference in price. At Packit Direct, we now supply our own brand of padded envelope which, while cheaper than many named brands, are still of a sufficiently high quality to keep your goods safe when being sent through the post. They are available in two colours, Jiffy bags gold and jiffy bags white, and come in a wide enough variety of sizes to fit almost anything you would wish to send in a conventional jiffy bag. Why not try them today? No matter which brand of jiffy bags you select, though, you will find our prices very competitive. We also offer next day shipping and a speedy delivery upgrade option, ensuring that your jiffy bags arrive next business day if you need them in a hurry.

Packit Direct has mailing bags for every situation – Send your goods out safely and securely

When you are looking for the best packaging solutions around for your business, you could do no better than come to Packit Direct. With our extensive range of products, our great prices and our commitment to good customer service, we think you’ll find us a reliable supplier that can help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. So why not give us a try? Browse our products on the website and if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us through our online contact form. We also welcome any feedback and suggestions on our products or services. You can ring us on 01872 384 440 (local number) or premium number 0844 357 7113 if you’d like to talk to us – calls to the latter cost 4.6p a minute, so leave us a message and we’ll call you back. Jiffy bags are a handy, convenient addition to any company’s stationery product – why not place your order today?