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Mail Lite Bags

Mail Lite Bags

Mail Lite Bags come in gold and white - You'll be amazed at the quality as well as our prices

Mail Lite Gold Bags have all kinds of uses. For example, if you are a company, first impressions really do matter. If you are mailing out marketing content or brochures, for instance, or a tendering document for a large contract, the first thing the recipient will see is the envelopes they have been sent in. Imagine you are in their shoes: if the envelope is weather worn, tattered and torn, the contents leaking out, or if it's too small so the documents within have been folded untidily, you may have immediate alarm bells about that firm's efficiency and attention to detail. Obviously, you cannot control every variable: items are unavoidably damaged in the post from time to time. However, you can make sure your papers are carefully packaged and satisfactorily safeguarded by purchasing your stationery supplies from a reputable business that cares about its customers as much as you do. We like to believe that reliable business is Packit Direct and our repeat customers agree.

Packit Direct has the perfect packaging materials for your company, whatever you are sending out to your customers

Take a look at our web site and you will see every type of envelope you can conceive of. Whether you are sending printed content or items such as clothes or small electronics, you will manage to find mail lite envelopes that protect your goods from the weather and harsh handling. All of our envelopes come in an array of sizes as well, so you'll find the proper dimensions to enclose your posting perfectly. A comfortable fit helps to lessen the chances of damage in the post and looks much tidier when it arrives with the customer. Each size comes in bulk, so you'll always have the right envelope to hand and will even take advantage of our discounted prices. And all our envelopes are a breeze to address clearly and effectively, with either a permanent marker or by providing a great surface for easy label adhesion. This will help make certain your letter arrives at the right destination.

If you're searching for something a little more striking for your mailshots, we're confident you'll be pleased with our variety of metallic bubble envelopes and mailing envelope bags. All these come in stunning, bold colours, including blue, black, reddish, green, silver and gold. The attractiveness of these is not restricted to their look, either. Because they are made from lightweight materials, they will cut down on the expense of your postage altogether. And each one is made from environmentally friendly materials too, so your green credentials are reinforced with each and every mailshot. All envelopes have peel and seal enclosures, which helps you save time when you're sending out bulk mailings. The strong seal additionally gives one more level of security when you're posting valuable things or confidential data - it is instantly apparent if the contents have been tampered with in transit.

We've built up our company and its excellent reputation by dedicating ourselves to the highest standards of customer service. We want you to be pleased with the quality of our merchandise and our service as well. Therefore, our service is streamlined to allow it to be easy and quick to order and pay for your own goods. We provide the best possible prices, postage and packaging on your order too, so it's clear to you from the outset what you will be paying when you get to the checkout. In many cases, delivery of your mail lite white bags is free and your purchases will be dispatched within one business day. However, if you would like them quicker, you have the alternative to upgrade at the checkout and you are assured to receive them the following day. For your convenience, they could be delivered either to your own home or to your business address.

Whether you are just starting out in business or you are a well-established company, you've got a good name to protect. Invest a little in the right packaging materials for your company and it will pay dividends. Come to Packit Direct for great quality products at the best prices around. And why not gain from further discounts by signing up to our online mailing list? If you browse through our site, we are convinced you'll locate everything